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"Professional and Courteous" - How Zernicke drivers responded to a survey regarding how they contribute to our customers' success.

Zernicke was founded to deliver superior customer service while creating a work environment that drivers want to be a part of.

We strive to pay top wages within the industry. We also believe you should be paid the mileage which closely reflects the odometer, practical. While many other companies still pay shortest miles, be relieved your mileage reflects 4% greater miles than our competitor’s.

Compensation - We strive to be a industry leader in pay. That said, we also feel inexperienced drivers shouldn’t start the same as experienced drivers. Pay is based on experience, MVR, previous employment and inspection history. We do not have a generic pay scale, as every situation is unique.

Bonus pay - On top of base pay we offer additional pay based on performance in the following categories.

  • Safety bonus based on mileage and tenure. 1 year earns $.01 cpm with increases up 5 years at $.05 cpm  
  • Fuel: $.01 cents for every .02 tenths over 7.0 mpg. (ex- driver getting 7.2 mpg gets an extra $.01 cpm all miles, paid quarterly)

Additional driver pay:

  • We pay every stop, starting with the first! 
  • East coast premium $.03 cpm
  • Detention paid hourly after 1.5 hours
  • Additional Short-haul pay
  • Truck/trailer breakdown & layover pay
  • Per Diem allowances
  • All miles paid loaded and empty
  • Holiday pay
  • Paid weekly by check or direct deposit

Home-time -  Zernicke understands driving is an unpredictable, tough career.  We strive to get all drivers home every week and adjust home time for family needs, medical appointments, and other situations. We also understand this can’t happen every week as the economics of transportation can change rapidly. This typically happens no more than 5-10 times per year or by choice.  Some drivers stay out two weeks by choice.

We listen - We're continuously improving to create a better place to work. We recently conducted an anonymous survey of our whole team. We found a lot of great things out about our company, mission and values. We also found some changes we can make that we wouldn’t have thought of without our drivers' honest feedback.

What did our drivers say? Here are just some of their comments describing Zernicke Trucking:

  • Zernicke is not only here to be a successful trucking company, but a successful “people” company from the president and CEO all the way to me!
  • The company's mission is to make money serving the customer and the drivers in the best way possible.
  • My mission is to support my family and make dreams come true.
  • My purpose as a driver is to assist in the company's continued growth and profitability. Also, to set a good example, treating all folks the way I want to be treated.
  • I see Zernicke Trucking as a company that works hard to maintain a great working atmosphere for drivers and customers.