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Customer Success Delivered by the best drivers in the business
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Zernicke Trucking is an industry leader with a culture where drivers, staff and customers are all truly respected, successful, and pleased.
To lead the industry by being an extremely different trucking company - one where drivers, staff and customers are truly happy.
Deliver customer success in a way that no one else can: “Customer Success Delivered.”
Xtreme Respect, Xtreme Performance, and Xtreme Safety.

What do our drivers think about Zernicke?

99.7% of our drivers are extremely satisfied with their benefits package.
I love driving for Zernicke more and more each day because they really know how to treat their drivers right.
Brandon Ellenbecker
Brandon Ellenbecker Owner Operator
"Appreciated" the word most selected by our drivers in a survey to describe how they feel working for Zernicke.